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Immediate wants to exploit genomics and multidisciplinary research on

COVID-19. Predictive multiparametric modelling can realistically lead to a personalised medicine approach and large scale improvement in the strategic management of the pandemics.




is a bottom-up boundaryless research initiative of scientists coming from different countries and different disciplines, willing to engage in the fight against Covid-19

People with clinical and scientific expertise are joining on a daily bases... go to ABOUT US 

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The IMMEDIATE group is preparing a scientific-divulgative channel to share its programs against Covid-19 with the public. Multidisciplinary experts from the Immediate group and external guests will be discussing issues from their advanced scientific fields.

Scientific collaborations with
Eurofins Genoma, Italy
Nustem, Inc




Kathrin Aprile von Hohenstaufen Puoti, MD

Senior Haematologist - Milan- Italy 

Founder and promoter IMMEDIATE Initiative (non-profit scientific association) 


Kathrin von Hohenstaufen graduated in Medicine and specialised in Haematology at the University of Milan - UNIMI - Italy. She is being working as Senior Clinical Haematologist since 2014, with special interest for the lymphoid neoplasms, and has been trained in the development of clinical and basic research programs at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland in Bellinzona - CH (Clinical Research Fellow at the Lymphoma Unit/International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group, in 2012), University of Leeds - UK (Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Haematology, Epigenetic and Chromatin Structure, in 2016) and University of Southampton - UK (Senior Fellow, Lymphoma Unit, 2017/2018). Dr Hohenstaufen has been appointed for the temporary position of Consultant Haematologist at the ASST Santi Carlo e Paolo in Milan - Italy in March 2020. 

"Boundaryless scientific collaboration is necessary to create advanced and comprehensive diagnostic strategies specifically designed around the COVID-19 infection"




Chiara Tarantelli, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lymphoma and Genomics Group, Institute of Oncology Research, Bellinzona - Switzerland 

Early Co-Founder IMMEDIATE Initiative (active from March 2020 to May 2020)


Since 2013, her research work is being focused on in vitro and in vivo characterization of potentially active novel compounds for pre-clinical studies, understanding their biological mechanisms of action and resistance, mainly in the lymphoma field, with the final aim of trying to move the results to the clinical setting.


"By exploring the genetic profiles of patients with Covid-19, we could better understand disease-related biology and discover drug targets for personalized medicine"





Ernst von Schwarz, MD, PhD

Professor of medicine at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles, California US

Member and Co-Founder IMMEDIATE Initiative


Dr Ernst von Schwarz MD, PHD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI is a US based world renowned triple board certified Clinical and Academic Cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. He joined Cedars Sinai Medical Center and UCLA as Director of the Cardiac Device Program in 2006, he was appointed Director of Cardiology at the Heart Institute Of Southern California Hospital Culver City in 2015 and chairman of Pacific Heart Medical Group and Medical Director of Heart Stem Inc in 2016. He is considered a worldwide pioneer in the field of stem cell research.  He has published over 150 scientific papers in International peer reviewed Medical Journals as well as several books and book chapters. 




Cassio Polpo de Campos, PhD

Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Member and Co-Founder IMMEDIATE Initiative

Head of the Uncertainty in AI group at TU Eindhoven, Cassio works on foundations of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, and their applications. He serves as area chair, senior member and associate editor of top venues in his field, as well as committee member for funding agencies in Europe and America. Cassio is a senior member of ACM and an elected member of the executive board of, and member of and Eindhoven AI Systems Institute (EAISI). He has published more than 120 peer-reviewed papers (including multiple awards).

"Good data and proper analyses may lead to essential discoveries about COVID-19. Data Science and AI play an important part in that process."




Yasser El-Sherbiny, MD, PhD

Senior lecturer in Biomedical Sciences in Biosciences, College of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University - United Kingdom

Member and Co-Founder IMMEDIATE Initiative


After completing his medical training at Mansoura Faculty of Medicine MBBCH 1993, Dr El-Sherbiny began his training as a clinical pathologist in 1995 at Mansoura University Hospitals. During this time he completed his master’s degree in immuno-haematology. Dr El-Sherbiny then moved to the UK and obtained his PhD in immunology and Molecular Medicine from the University of Leeds in 2007. Following his first Post-doctoral position in Cancer Research UK at Leeds in 2010, Dr El-Sherbiny Joined Leeds Institute of rheumatic and musculoskeletal medicine to continue his translational research in rheumatology until he joined Nottingham Trent University in October 2018.








CORE ProgramS


We believe that multidisciplinary expertise should create the platform for the rapid development, and prioritization, of new diagnostic tools to be introduced in a sustainable clinical routine. 

We scheduled multiple projects around a core initiative on the use of WGS for the analysis of germline structural variants and SNVs of COVID-19 patients (launched at beginning of March 2020 with Dante Labs).


We moved from an observation: consistent evidences of a multigenic susceptibility to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) coming from previous studies, emerging anti-ARDS drugs, and the availability of third generation sequencing tools, should urge innovative trials to redirect the way we use our present diagnostic resources for the management of COVID-19 infection.

The same considerations apply to different biological aspects, (and clinical problems), of the COVID-19 disease.


Immediate joined the international consortium







Clinicians and scientists who might be interested in joining the IMMEDIATE initiative, or creating partnerships for similar programs, are warmly invited to contact us.


Clinicians who need support in preparing clinical observational trials on genomics and COVID-19 infection can access our group even for external support.


Potential sponsors and supporters are welcome.


We are actively looking for Bioethics experts who can propose updated or groundbreaking insights on the ethical aspects of genomic science, beyond the established gold standards.


Divulgative initiatives on the topics of our interest, from people with humanistic background and media, are esteemed. 


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